one girl one skillVision

To equip a great deal of young girls in rural areas and in basic schools with requisite skills in fashion accessories in order for them to be able to create businesses for themselves, while reducing poverty in those areas.


a. To educate young girls on the need to acquire soft skills in today’s job market.
b. To challenge young girls to break free from the mindset of depending on government for jobs when they can create one.
c. To make fashion accessories production a fun activity for young girls who can channel these skills into businesses in the future.
d. To visit as many basic schools as possible in the rural areas of the country with target on young girls.
e. To exhibit the products of these young girls in order to motivate them to do more and better for themselves and their society.

Our Team 

a. Bernice Maajoa Asabea Yeboah — Founder

b. Justica Anima — Social Media Administrator/ Content Writer